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Indian® Chief Dark Horse® Motorcycle
Indian® Chief Dark Horse®
Thunder Black Smoke
“ With its matte-black finish and blacked-out details, there’s no ignoring the Chief Dark Horse®. Every square inch was designed to not just make a statement—but leave a permanent mark. And thanks to the distinctive Thunder Stroke® 111 V-Twin, all it takes to announce your arrival is an authoritative twist of the throttle. Be legendary. ”

“ Ride and decide what's more powerful; The distinctive blacked-out styling, the high-performance Thunder Stroke® V-Twin, or the addictive riding experience. ”

Indian® Chief Dark Horse®

Indian® Chief® Dark Horse


Engine Type
Thunder Stroke® 111
111 cu in / 1811 cc
Bore x Stroke
3.976" x 4.449" / 101mm x 113mm
Compression Ratio
Electronic Fuel Injection System
Closed loop fuel injecion /54mm bore


Clutch Type
Wet, Multi-Plate
Primary Drive
Gear Drive Wet Clutch
Final Drive
2.2 : 1


Peak Torque
119.2 ft-lbs/ 138.9 N m
Peak Torque RPM
3000 rpm/2600 rpm

Gear Ratio (Overall)

9.403 : 1
6.411 : 1
4.763 : 1
3.796 : 1
3.243 : 1
2.789 : 1

Tires / Wheels

Cast 16" x 3.5" Front and 16" x 5" Rear


Suspension: Front - Type/Travel
Telescopic Fork/4.7 in (119 mm)
Suspension: Rear - Type/Travel
Single Shock / 3.7 in (94 mm)


Dual / 300mm Floating Rotor / 4 Piston Caliper
Single / 300mm Floating Rotor / 2 Piston Caliper
Dunlop® Elite 3 130/90B16 73H
Dunlop® American Elite 180/65B16 81H
Exhaust System
Split dual exhaust w/ cross-over


68.1 in / 1730 mm
Seat Height
26.0 in / 660 mm
Ground Clearance
5.5 in / 140 mm
Overall Width
39.4 in / 1000 mm
Overall Height
46.3 in / 1176 mm
Overall Length
103.5 in / 2630 mm
6.1 in / 155.0 mm
Fuel Capacity
5.5 gallons / 20.8 liters
1260 lbs / 573 kgs
Weight (Empty Tank / Full of Fuel)
751 lbs / 785 lbs 341 kg / 357 kg


Color / Graphics
Thunder Black Smoke


Standard Equipment
ABS; Cast Aluminum Frame with Integrated Air-Box; Cruise Control; Keyless Start; Vinyl Seat


Tank mounted electronic speedometer with odometer; dual tripmeters; digital tachometer; ambient air temperature; fuel range; average fuel economy; battery voltage; gear position display; real-time clock; vehicle trouble code readout; heated grip level (if heated grips installed); low engine oil pressure; and 9 LED telltale indicators: cruise control enabled, cruise control set, neutral, high beam, turn signal, ABS, check engine, and MPH or km/h unit designation

Bike Features

Heritage Inspired Powerplant
Designed from the ground up, the Thunder Stroke® 111 is a powerful engine with premium performance that's expressed through heritage-inspired features. These design cues were taken from the Power Plus motor of the 1940's
  1. Multi-directional finned valve covers
  2. Downward firing exhaust
  3. Large, parallel push-rod tubes
  4. Organic, asymmetric fin styling
  5. Right-hand drive
  6. Right-hand cam cover
  7. Classic 2/3 head-to-cylinder neck down
Indian® Chief Dark Horse®

Blacked Out Styling
Blacked-out from end to end, the bold look of the Indian® Chief Dark Horse® represents the bike’s impressive performance and dynamic ride.
Indian® Chief Dark Horse®

Blacked-out Cast Aluminum Wheels
All Dark Horse® models feature blacked-out cast aluminum wheels, for an even edgier look.
Indian® Chief Dark Horse®

ABS Braking
With automotive-quality ABS braking, you'll ride with confidence, knowing you can brake under control in any situation.
Indian® Chief Dark Horse®

Blacked Out Headdress
A blacked-out version of the most powerful icon in motorcycling. Since 1947, the illuminated Headresss has graced the front fender of nearly every Indian Motorcycle®, guiding the way from legend to legend.
Indian® Chief Dark Horse®

119 ft-lbs of Torque
The Thunder Stroke® 111 produces 119 ft-lbs of torque with extraordinary power at low RPM, so you can accelerate hard with power to spare in every gear.
Indian® Chief Dark Horse®

Dual Pipe Crossover Exhaust
A dual pipe crossover exhaust delivers classic style and a rich, throaty exhaust note. Acoustical engineering eliminated high-pitched sounds, so all you'll ever hear is the resonance of true performance and power.
Indian® Chief Dark Horse®

Internally Wired Handlebars
This high-profile area features exclusive blacked-out hand controls. Plus, all of the wiring is routed inside the handlebars for a clean, premium-quality look.
Indian® Chief Dark Horse®

Keyless Ignition
Never fumble for your key again. With the proximity fob in your pocket, just climb on, press the start button and ride away. Misplace your fob? Simply enter your personal security code and go.
Indian® Chief Dark Horse®

Cruise Control
With automotive-quality ABS braking, you'll ride with confidence, knowing you can brake under control in any situation.
Indian® Chief Dark Horse®

Solo All-Weather Vinyl Seat
This solo all-weather vinyl seat provides lasting comfort on every ride.
Indian® Chief Dark Horse®

Iconic Flat Black Paint Scheme
Every Dark Horse® model feature an iconic, flat black paint scheme, including a Smoke Gray illuminated headdress that complements its bolder look.
Indian® Chief Dark Horse®

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